Friday, July 25, 2008


The surgery went very well. As far as they can tell they got all of the cancer. They went in with a scope first to take a look around and see if it was worth going ahead with surgery. The cancer did not invade other organs. Naturally they can't predict the future but they said his chances are very good. He may have to have more chemo. He will be in ICU for a day or 2. It will be a long road of recovery for him but there is relief in knowing the extent of everything. Not knowing if the cancer had invaded other organs was the hard part for everyone. We are just praising the Lord for answered prayers and for being close in our time of need. We don't understand why some things come into our lives but there is comfort in knowing that God is still on the throne. They think that he has had this tumor for over a year so it is kind of amazing that it did not go to other organs. Usually with stomach cancer by the time you discover you have it, it is to late. So we are very thankful that the outlook is positive. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. I know that Larry and Debbie appreciate it dearly. He is going to be in a LOT of pain so continue to pray for him. I believe he has an epidural cath in place right now.


grandmagene said...

Tanj, Thanks for updating. We have been praying, requested prayer at church for him. We will keep praying for him. Thank the Lord that it had not invaded other organs.

Leah said...

Been keeping in touch through Grandma Lo.
Praise the Lord!!