Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Camp

We were at Athens Camp this past week. I had a great time. The services were wonderful. The boys had a good time also. Tannen started running a fever on mon. There was nothing else wrong as far as on the outward. His fever went to 104!!!! On tues he started not wanting to eat. I had a sore throat all last week and Tris and Paris both had strep. So I thought maybe he picked something up from us. I took him to doc on tues and he thought it might be something called roseola virus. Anyway, so it is something we just have to wait out. I think he got it from a baby at camp. At the time I didn't think anything about it but now that the doc told me that I'm pretty sure that is where he got it. Last week the other baby was running a fever with nothing else apparently wrong. The problem with this virus is that the baby can be contagious for a week or more before the fever comes and for about a week after the fever is gone. It's not that common in baby's over 1 year. None of my other boys ever had this. The doc said he sees it mostly in babys that go to daycare. Tannen is much better today. His fever is gone and he is back to eating.