Monday, June 30, 2008

Info on Larry's condition

Larry was suppose to have his surgery this coming Wed. Well, he went to the doc today and he has a blood clot in his leg so they can not do the surgery. As of right now they are treating him for the clot. I don't really know anymore than that right now. I guess they are hoping for surgery in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to......

my brother-in-law, Tim (June 10)!!! And also Happy Anniversary to Tim and Becky (June 10)!!! It's a little bit early but Happy Birthday to Larry (June 14) and Happy Birthday to Dakota (June 20)!!!! Oh, and Happy Anniversary to me and I guess Steve, too because I guess I couldn't have one of those without him :-) (June 18)!!!! And Happy Birthday to me (June 25)!!!! You know when you are a mom of younger children you have to tell yourself happy birthday because the only ones who remember are your own mom and maybe your husband. You also might have to buy your own birthday present. :-) In case you haven't noticed June is somewhat busy for us. Something I have to point out right now is that Steve's Grandma Kennedy has 7 daughters and there is 13 grandkids on that side. All of the grandkids that are married have been married in June. They are Steve, Becky, Matt, Ruth Anne, and Russell. There is 14 great grandchildren just from those five and out of that there is only 4 girls. Just thought I'd share that bit of info with ya'all.

To be a part of this Mayle family you have to.......

like to ride!!! Even the little guy likes to ride. And who cares if it's a motorcycle or a 4-wheeler. I prefer 4-wheelers. I feel safer with 4 wheels under me and not just 2. But I guess it's fine for the younger ones. Over the week-end we were able to take the bikes out to my in-laws property and I was able to take the LTZ into 5th gear!! That was exciting!! It was awesome going so fast!!! Justice forfeited going 4-wheelin' to see a girl. Can you believe that? ;-) These pictures where taken in our backyard.