Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The latest news and Happy Birthday Zach!!!

It seems that I either have nothing going on or everything going on in 1 week!!! Justice has been working on projects for a state convention that BLBS goes to every year. This is his first year for this convention. He had been going to the Jr convention. Which is what Dakota went to this year. Dakota entered 11 categories and placed in alot of them. I know he got a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd. place. Anyway, back to Justice. His convention is May 6-9 and we have been working on memorizing a play, poem, skit, dramatic dialog, and song. All together he entered 10 categories. Like I said this is his first year "running with the big dogs" so we hope he places but we won't be to disappointed if he doesn't. The cool thing about him doing a poem recitation is that Bro. Edwards is helping him do this and Bro. Edwards also taught my dad in this same area back in South Dakota probably about 35 years ago. BLBS has the best teachers anywhere and my boys do very well there. I couldn't ask for a better place for my boys to attend. They have been on the honor roll every semester!! I am very proud of them. It does take a bit of a sacrifice of both time and money for them to go there but it is totally worth it!!! I would do anything for my boys. It takes us about 50 min to an hour to get there. I am happy with the academic and spiritually influence. It is good for them to do well academically but spiritual is the most important. I want my boys to be strong spiritual leaders. If we lose our kids we have lost EVERYTHING!!! (Just had to add that little piece in.) All of the boys are on the basketball team except Zach because he is to young. They will be having there first home game in our new gym this Fri. night!!! I wish I could be there but my nephew, Tristen, is graduating from Kindergarden this Fri night and he wanted Zach and his Aunt Tanj to come so that is where I will be. Justice will be at the game but the others will be with me. It will be a quick trip as we will be coming back on Sat.

Today is Zach's birthday. My baby is 6!! I can't believe it. We will have a little party in a few days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!!

I've been tagged!!!

I have been tagged by Gretchen, silly girl!!!

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was in my early 20's and my second baby, Dakota, was 10mo. Other than that my memory is fuzzy :)

To do list today
Since my day is almost over, help the kids finish up homework and get them in bed.

Snacks I enjoy
Well, Steve would say anything with sugar in it. I wouldn't say anything but pretty close to anything with sugar in it.

If I were a billionaire
I would pay off my house and stuff
Give to BLBS to finish the building project
Give to missions, specifically Native American
Put some away for my kids
Pay off my mom and Ward's debts
Pay off my in-laws debts

My worst habits
Changing my clothes 500 times before I go with the outfit I had on first :)
Not hanging up my clothes promtly

Places I have lived
South Dakota
I think that's it

Jobs I have held
cleaning in a nursing home
Little Ceasars
Taco Bell
Best of all a MOM!!!

I would like to tag Melanie and Lydia.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

God working

I just wanted to Praise God and share with you all how He is working in our family. As most people know my father-in-law, Larry, was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of March. As you can well imagine it threw everyone for a loop. I just wanted to share that even in the midst of all that our family is going thru, God is still working and He cares so much about our problems. Even when we feel like God is no where in sight and he has forgotten about us, He comes to us with a peace and reassurence. He is still in control!!! I can see changes in both Steve and the boys. I can see real spiritual growth in everyone. God has really been working in the lives of my boys and Steve and I. Sometimes as busy moms we don't always get to pray like we would like to but I believe God understands our situation on moms. Being a mom is the greatest calling of all and the biggest responsibliliy. Sometimes I feel like I haven't even prayed or I feel like I am praying here and there all day long. But as I said God understands and hears our prayers no matter where or when we say them. Justice came to me the other day and was asking me about spiritual things that I know I was not even thinking about at his age. But it made me happy that he is wanting to please God and do what He wants him to do. Tyler also came to Steve and I last night and was crying and said that he was worried about his soul and he wanted us to pray with him. We prayed together and I feel that God really helped him. I am very proud of my boys and they are good boys. I often get compliments on them when we are in public and it is not really anything that we have done but God has helped Steve and I. Sometimes I panic as I think of raising my boys and I hope I have done the right thing. I pray for guidance everyday because I have no idea what I am doing. My kids are far from raised and by no means are they perfect but I pray that they will all give their hearts to God and always do His will. I am for sure not perfect and sometimes when we get those compliments I think "HA, yeah right, you should live with them." They are normal boys and I wouldn't have it any other way. My prayer is that we continue to let God do His work in our lives. And that we will be open to his will always.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The dentist

Zach had to have a tooth pulled today. He was such a tuff little boy. He didn't even cry. It was more dramatic for me!!! Even the dentist said, "Mom, you have a tuff little guy there." I guess you have to be tuff when you are the 4th out of 5 boys. Anyway, I was really proud of him!!! I tried to get Steve to go in with him but no, he is apparently to ill. Poor guy I have picked on him enough. Well, now the tooth fairy can come for Zach's tooth. The kids always like for the tooth fairy to come.