Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So much has happened!!!

Since family camp so much has happened!!! Steve finished up his truck driving class. He passed and is now a "professional driver". HA!HA! The boys started school last week. They missed the first 2 days of school because we were in Canada. We went to Canada to help at a mission in Blind River. They needed people to help split and stack firewood. I was very proud of my boys, they all worked like men. They worked just as hard as everyone else. I have pictures from that trip but am waiting for them due to the fact that I had to take them on someone elses camera. All the guys were very excited because not only did they work but they also got to do some fishing!! All the boys caught a fish. Tyler got a walleye the others each got a bass. Bro Raines took them all out in his boat. I stayed on shore with the baby. I did get to go out for a little ride in the paddle boat with Justice. We had a great time in Canada!! We worked hard but it was fun. I think I can safely say that we all miss Canada just a little.

Steve and I have been talking and praying and we think we will put our house up for sale. I think it will be a miracle if it sells due to the areas current economic condition. But if its Gods will it will happen. We have been so uncertain of many things in our life right now. Steve is still laid off and probably will not go back till at least Nov and even then we are not for sure on that. We want God to lead us and if he is leading us in a different direction we want to follow. But sometimes it is so hard to know where God is leading. There are times when I wonder is it God or just my own emotions. Some decisions we face right now could mean BIG changes for the whole family. But there was a song we sang in church tonight that said "Where God guides He always supplies". So I feel that wherever God leads you he will supply whatever you have need of. The only problem I have is knowing if it is God leading. So if you think about it pray that I or should I say we will know it is God leading us and that we will be sensitive to his directing.

Larry is doing pretty good. It is really one of those things that is up and down as far as emotionally for both Larry and Debbie. The news that was gotten at the last appt wasn't the best news but it wasn't the worst either. As far as they know they got all the cancer but the bad part is that it was still active when they went in to take it out.

I don't know, this year seems to be holding some major things for our family. There is something I heard when I was much younger and I believe it was Doug Damon that I heard say it, it was "Things are looking right for a miracle". Thats just what I keep thinking about everything that has happened so far this year. And you know what? When I really think about it, God has performed miracles this year for our family!!

This post has been rather long but I have been soooooo busy!! I'll put some pictures on of Canada when I get them and I'll put some on of the boys during the first couple weeks of school. Oh, one more thing, Mr Miller got married over the summer and his new wife has been a great addition to the staff at Bird Lake. From what I understand she is greatly missed in Alaska. I imagine that she has left a big void where she came from in Alaska but we are very happy she has joined the staff at Bird Lake. She has fit right in with everyone at school and church. I am very happy for Mr Miller. (Mr Miller is the principal of Bird Lake Bible School)


urhis said...

Our prayers are with you, Tanj and Steve. You are both such an asset in the family of God. He has a special place for you both in His kingdom and that includes your family. We are trusting Him to guide you and give you clear direction for your future.

God Bless. The Avery's

Lydia Stewart said...

Hi Tanj. It's Lydia. I am at my in-laws right now killing time. Russ is helping his Dad with some stuff today. I was on here earlier and didn't leave a comment so I'll do that right now! I REALLY love the pictures you have posted of your family. They are very good. You have a precious family. God has blessed us both with unique special kids!! I'll keep you in my prayers-no matter where the Lord leads you.

blindriverbev said...

I just wanted to leave a HUGE THANK YOU for you and your family for the help you gave here in Blind River!!! I have started the furnace a couple times here in the main building. Have not had to burn any of your work yet as it is not cold enough!!!
You are welcome to come back and visit and we will try not to work you so hard next time!!!
Keep in touch!!!